Multi-passionate & dedicated

Emma's first business loves are Barre Body & Bende. Emma created both of these brands with a clear vision to growing successful, love-filled AND sustainable companies. Originally conceived to provide a comfortable living, Barre Body & Bende have exceeded Emma's wildest dream and continue to grow and thrive! Emma and her husband Matt work on these businesses daily and are always excited about the future and what it will bring!

Emma is also a writer, speaker and coach.


Opening in Feb 2012, Barre Body was born from two things: the birth of Emma’s first child, Xavier, in August 2011 and her subsequent desire to gently regain her pre-baby fitness; and the trend overseas (endorsed by many a celeb) for fitness classes incorporating barre conditioning work.

With a talent for tapping into the zeitgeist, Emma has again brought the public just what they were looking for - a fun, strong and dynamic fitness method that combines elements of yoga, pilates, isometrics and barre conditioning.

Emma has established six bespoke and beautifully appointed studios across Melbourne, Sydney, and Byron Bay, and an incredibly popular online studio, Barre Body Online, that boasts hundreds of on-demand workouts.

In eight years, Emma has also led countless international retreats, and trained well over 1,000 teachers in Barre and Pilates via Barre Body’s certified in-person and online teacher training programs. 


Bende is based in beautiful Byron Bay, where Emma now lives. Bende was a pure labour of love. Love for movement and love for the Byron Bay community. 

Bende is a mindful movement studio delivering a curated client experience designed to nourish and uplift the minds and bodies of its clientele. The stunning, custom designed studio boasts a pared back palette of natural materials, white walls and polished floors all designed to evoke a sense of space, peace and tranquility. 

Bende's popularity has exceeded all expectations with classes always booked out in advance and a waitlist for memberships. 


mindful movement studio

As one of Australia's leading experts on all things business and wellness, Emma has been writing and producing content for Vogue Australia for five years, contributing content on the topics of fitness, wellbeing, business and mindfulness.

Emma has also contributed to Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Women's Health, Body & Soul and more.  

Emma is a regular contributor to Vogue.


Speaking on numerous stages, Emma is an experienced and delightful speaker. She has a way of drawing the audience into her magic and weaving stories and lessons to educate and inspire.

Emma's favourite speaking themes include: 
- Creating a heart-centred business
- Leadership with love
- How to change your life and live your work purpose - Creating a lasting brand
- Resilience and how to bounce back from setbacks

Emma is a passionate inspirational speaker.


Emma’s proudest achievement remains Barre Body’s philanthropic contributions to One Girl; funding the education of 50 girls in Sierra Leone, and extensive support to UN Women. Emma and husband Matt’s charitable donations exceed $15,000 each year – over $100,000 to date.

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures: