Nice Bossy - how to be happy, successful and kind.

I'm a heart-centred wellness entrepreneur and I am joyfully living my dream life with my family in Byron Bay, while running four successful heart-led companies. I'm excited to share my journey.

NICE BOSSY podcast


I share my learnings (the good, the bad and the ugly!) from my experience in launching and scaling my businesses. Barre Body is now a multimillion dollar empire so I have lots to share! 

Creating & growing your business

Be an entrepreneur with heart

My companies are founded on love, I live with love, and I lead with love. I can honestly say that everything I do is love-led. I will show you how to create a profitable, sustainable AND heart-based business. 

what you'll learn here: 

Live the life of your dreams!

I left my corporate career to start Barre Body nine years ago. I have two beautiful children and live in Byron Bay living my dream life. I want to inspire you to make changes in your life, follow your heart and design a magical life. 


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How I started Barre Body with just $20k.

Does it make your heart sing? How to know if you are on the right track.

What is "nice bossy" and why it is so important. 

Why leading with love is so important.

I took a HUGE risk and now I'm living my dreams. Why you should do it too.



I'm so delighted you're here. 

I'm uber passionate about helping women realise their life and business dreams and goals. Let's unpack what lights you up and makes your heart sing and make a plan to get you there ASAP. 

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"Emma is a breath of fresh air. It's rare to find a leader who is so grounded, generous and genuine."

Five Stars:

- Danika

"It's so wonderful to hear the story behind Barre Body. Emma's story is so inspiring to me on my own journey."

Five Stars:

- Amy

"This is a beautiful podcast that's honest about what it means to be a female entrepreneur, or just a person with a vision."

Five Stars:

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