Business Breakthrough Retreat.

Business Breakthrough

This retreat is all about getting clear on what you want for your life and business. In five powerful days with Emma you will get the tools you need to launch or scale your brand and business in a sustainable way that will feel really good!

BYRON | 4-8 April 2022

Do you want to design your dream business?

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Do you have a business idea or a established business that you really want to grow into something that supports your dream lifestyle, while having an amazing time and loving your work? But perhaps you're not quite ready to go it alone? You don't have to. This retreat is designed to unpack exactly what you need to do to make your life and business dreams and reality. In this intensive retreat environment you'll work with Emma in a small group to take your business (or idea) from where it is now to where you want it to be. The sky is the limit! 

Spend five powerful days strategising your business.

Ready for your life to change?

I've been where you are now and have grown a highly successful women's fitness empire out of only $20k. I know the exact steps to help you get rid of fear and "stuckness" and get into the fun stuff and start making your business profitable to help you achieve your dreams and change your life. 

I started Barre Body on maternity leave with only $20k and a good idea.

It's not ACTUALLY THAT HARD TO GROW A PROFITABLE BUSINESS. Once I got clear on what I wanted, It all started to flow. That's what I'd love to help you to do.

MY not-So-secret formula...

Spend five intensive days with Emma to hone your brand, business, marketing & action plan. This retreat is highly results oriented.

Retreat includes:
5 nights twin share accommodation
5 days of intensive planning
Breakfast & lunch each day
Daily meditation & movement classes
Byron location (Mullumbimby)
Resort style pool and spa
Infrared sauna (as many as you like!)


Business Breakthrough Retreat

About Emma

Emma Seibold is one of Australia's most dynamic wellness entrepreneurs and is the founder of both Barre Body and Bende. With a degree in marketing followed by ten years industry experience, Emma founded Barre Body in 2011 and Bende in 2017. In the ten years that have followed, Barre Body and Bende have grown into a multi million dollar fitness empire with multiple studios, teacher training, online classes and programs, brand extensions and more.

Emma is something of a force of nature and it seems that everything she touches turns to gold. She is passionate, intuitive, driven and dynamic. Emma is especially committed to supporting other women to grow and thrive in life and business. 

Emma has that special magic TO HELP YOU PIN DOWN AND realise your hopes and dreams.

Day one is all about getting really clear on what you want for your life and business. We'll explore your goals from a soul perspective to uncover how you want to feel what you need to do to get there. We'll get rid of the blockages to your success and we will make a 100% commitment to develop a plan for your dreams and action it! 

This is a super fun day where we get into the nitty gritty of your product/service offering, how it's positioned, who you sell it to, where they find it and how they engage with your brand and offering. For existing businesses, we'll identify and evaluate new opportunities for growth. Essentially we will write a 12-month business plan in a day. 

Here's What You'll Learn


Brand & offering

DAY one

Day tw0

On day four we pack in so much crucial info. It's like a super highway to success. 
- Money: How to simplify and understand the financial side of things. 
- Outsourcing & support: How to get the help you need to scale your business.
- Culture & leadership: What it means to be a good leader and run a business that matters. 
- Legals, insurance and trademarks: All the bits you must know. 

Important stuff


Sales & marketing

Day Three


Possibly my favourite day!
(I have a degree in marketing after all.)
Today we go deep into the sales and marketing tactics you can to employ to truly grow your business. We cover digital marketing, branding, social media, influencers, public relations, website, email marketing, sales strategy and tactics and much more. 

Ok, I fibbed. this is actually my favourite day. This is where I get to drive you to develop an action plan with real steps to take and deadlines in which to achieve them in. We will build out a project plan to simplify what needs to be done and the resources you will need to get there. This is where it all comes together and you walk away with clarity, drive and purpose. 


DAY Five

Get really clear on what you want out of life and your business.

How does this sound?

Create a brand and offering that you love and are excited by.



the results you're going to get:

Develop a killer business plan to bring your ideas to life.


Finally stop procrastinating about what you want and go and get it!


Tonnes of amazing ideas, motivation and support from Emma. 



A leader who has truly walked her talk, Emma Seibold is the exceptional coach our world is seeking. 

For business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who dream of doing things differently, of achieving abundant success and creating a life of their dreams - without compromising their values and ideals - it would be near impossible to find a better coach, mentor or role model than Emma Seibold. 


Barre Body General Manager

What people say about Emma

"Emma is an extraordinary businesswoman and visionary."

Emma is a close friend, confidant, and sounding board for my business. Her counsel is always spot on and gets right to the heart of any situation or opportunity. She is full of incredible inspiration, wisdom and ideas. I feel blessed to have her in my life. 



"Emma is an absolute magic maker. She's a dream lady-boss unicorn."

She spreads love and effervescent energy everywhere she goes. I have loved working along side Emma and have the pleasure and privilege of learning so much, as well as being constantly inspired, supported and mentored. 


Woven Women Founder

And that's my speciality. I absolutely LOVE working with women to help them uncover their special magic and put it into action. I will help you to distill your ideas into the one or ones that will lead you to success. I will channel your strengths and focus your attention on where you need it to be and help you to get clear on exactly what you need to do and the resources you need. We will make an incredible plan for your dream business and life together. 

If you are ready to let go of fear and anything else that is holding you back and step into your power, this retreat is for you. Sometimes it just takes someone else to give you a boost. 

You're in the right place.

"This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.


A clear vision statement & mission for the future 

A tight brand proposition (what, why, who, where)

Clear customer and channel profiles (who to target and how to reach and engage with them)

Know-how to build a virtual or real dream team that will ensure continued growth and more time to operate in your zone of genius.

12 month business plan with a clear and easy to follow, deadline driven action plan

Tools, systems and processes to get the best out of you and your business

You'll walk away from the retreat with: 


Where should I fly into? Gold Coast or Ballina Byron?

Both are great options! You can arrange a transfer to Uncle Tom's Pies in Mullumbimby and we will pick you up from there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the retreat hours? Can I arrive on Sunday night?

The retreat hours are 9am-4pm each day with an optional meditation & movement class at 8am. You are welcome to arrive anytime from 5pm Sunday.

Will I get any 1:1 time with Emma on the retreat?

This retreat is designed to be a small group retreat with only 5 other participants. We will do our work as a group so we can maximise the time.

Can my special dietary requirements be accommodated?

Send an email prior to booking so we can ensure that we are able to cater to your needs. Breakfast, lunch and snacks will all be healthy (of course!). 

Will I get any downtime to explore Byron Bay? 

Yes, the retreat finishes at 4pm each day and you are welcome to explore Mullumbimby and Byron Bay in the late afternoon and evening. 

What support do I receive after the retreat? 

We will have group follow up calls  for three months after the retreat. You will also be paired up with an accountability partner to motivate each other.

Does Emma do any mentoring outside of these retreats?

No, between running Barre Body and Bende and being a mum & human, Emma is jam-packed. She gives so much love to and energy while on retreat.

Can I bring my partner or friend to share the room with me?

The retreat is designed to be an intensive working retreat and so friends and partners are not allowed. Work-partners are of course welcome!


Number of successful businesses I own


Years of business & marketing experience


Clients have visited Barre Body & Bende


Team members I lead with LOVE
shoot me an email

Please reach out so we can answer all of your questions and see if this retreat is a good fit and can give you what you need. 

Still on the fence?